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The FNG Academy has one mission, to empower the next generation of special operations soldier. We do that by bringing the best gear on the market to one site, mentorship, coaching, and guiding candidates through the toughest and most rewarding journey of their lives.

FNG Academy Mentorship


"An Experienced And Trusted Advisor"

Our mentorship program will give candidates exclusive access to Green Berets like never before.

18B prep course

Our online 18B Special Forces Weapon Sergeant course will get you ready for MOS phase of the Special Forces Qualification Course. Increase your chances for success by taking action now.

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tier three

Support our mission and increase your knowledge base with exclusive access to members only video content. This content will be directed towards special operations candidates.

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Tier Two

Weekly online mentorship meetings with Green Beret cadre, access to exclusive video content included. Increase your chances of getting selected through premier coaching and education.

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Tier One

Weekly one on one coaching sessions from Green Beret, once a month meeting with nutritionist, 18A Fitness membership, exclusive video content membership. The best shot at getting selected or just crushing life.

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Connect with other candidates; share stories, training plans, advice, connect with team guys, and more!