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Tired of injuries that prevent training growth?

Packing your ruck is tedious and challenging to get weight placement right. It's even worse if you're using a backpack! No one needs injuries during the most intense training process. Now you can keep the weight close and high.

Forget unpacking and repacking your rucksack forever!

The Ruck Trainer 2.0 close-up angle shot with some gear
Ruck Trainer 2.0

Two piece anodized aluminum weight mount

Engineered for perfect weight placement and strength

Same frame used by US Special Forces





Running sucks.
ruck instead.

This trainer is the best fitness equipment on the market. Period. It's not just for the military. It's for anyone who wants to take their training to the highest level.

Don't just take our word for it… a 2019 study found ruck training participants had lower ratings of perceived exertion after a 10-week load-carrying program, while their muscular power and oxygen intake also improved.


The Ruck Trainer 2.0 angle shot with some gear
A blurred picture of the coming FNG Boot

Coming soon

The FNG Boot

  • True wide-toe box
  • Zero drop
  • Max cushion

Be the first in line to get this game-changing footwear.

Don't take our word for it

Real world experience from real world users. (See all the reviews)

Awesome ruck trainer

"I took it out and completed 4 miles in 60minutes. Had 35lbs dry weight and it was everything I hoped it would be. It is very comfortable and sits on your back nicely. The space between the top and bottom back support definitely helps when it’s over 100 degrees by providing some airflow. I would highly recommend this to anyone look at adding something extra to their workouts or just trying to get better at rucking. Side note it is Way nicer looking than a typical ruck sack so that way you don’t look goofy with a half filled ruck sack."

Travis M

Yuba City, CA

Def out did themselves!

"i own the first gen and now the v2.0 Ruck Trainer and I absolutely love it. The first iteration was a godsend but the v2.0 version is incredibly better. Great quality, love the improved colors to match todays army colors fit gear and I’m just simply in love with it. What can I say, it’s freakin awesome! Worth every penny! I’m sending the first version to a friend of mine, which I’m sure he’ll enjoy in preparation for selection! Thank you for such an amazing piece of training gear! -TeamSwartz"

Lewis S

Brooklyn, NY

Ruck trainer

"I have hip replacement and one in the way. This freaking saved me. Was able run walk 3.2 miles with out the load on my hip. Felt natural a must investment for your fitness and ruck work."

Aaron C

New York, NY

Super cool!

"I love it so much! It’s definitely shown me I’m not as good as I thought I’d be but that’s why you practice. Can’t wait to keep using it and understanding better how to use it too!"

Jonathan S

San Diego, CA

Ruck trainer

"Absolutely badass first time out with it was 22 miles with 60 pounds dry weight. 10 out of 10 highly recommended!"

Roger W

Memphis, TN

the mission

The FNG Academy has been helping shape the future of Special Operations since 2020! Since the beginning we have been helping candidates GET SELECTED through mentorship, advice, and tips based on our own personal experience as Green Berets.

We have since expanded into offering the BEST training aids on the market. FNG Equipment is designed and tested by Special Forces operators. When everything is on the line, trust those who have done it.