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The FNG Academy Mentorship Program will have three membership options. Each tier will provide candidates with unprecedented access to Special Forces veterans. This program will guide candidates through every phase of the rigorous journey that lies ahead.

De Oppresso Liber!

$35 / month

18b prep course

Get ready for the 18B course with this online training academy. This course will cover many aspects of the 18Bravo course to increase chances of successful completion.

  • Weapons breakdowns
  • Course Prep
  • Shooting Tips
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$29 / month

Tier three

Gain access to extra content recorded during the other sessions. Members from all three tiers will get first access to latest store releases.

  • Mentor Podcast
  • Behind The Scenes
  • New Content Monthly
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$180 / month

Tier Two

Get exclusive access to a group environment with a Green Beret. They will also have access to all videos recorded during the one on one sessions.

  • Small Group Setting
  • Video Content
  • Q&A With Buck
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$600 / month

Tier One

One-on-one coaching with a Green Beret, monthly nutritionist, 18A Fitness membership included, Video content access, monthly progress tracking and evaluation.

  • One on One Coaching
  • Nutritionist
  • 18A Fitness Membership
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Tier one  

If you are serious about increasing your chances of getting selected for Special Forces, there is no better program out there.The tier 1 mentorship program will give you more access to Green Berets and time-tested programming than ever before. This tier will offer one on one online coaching with Green Berets. It will include a membership to 18A Fitness training program, access to exclusive content and one on one sessions with a nutritionist. Your progress will be closely monitored by Special Operations mentors who will guide you through the mental and physical hurdles of train up, selection and the qualification course. Nobody will have more tools at their disposal than this small group of carefully selected candidates. Slots will be limited.

Tier two

The tier 2 membership option will include mentorship and guidance from Green Berets with a similar training plan and schedule as tier 1. This option will be in a group session. Spots will be limited to ensure everyone gets questions answered and personalized focus during sessions. Tier 2 will receive a discounted rate at 18A fitness and discounted access to our nutritionist. Tier 2 will also have access to the exclusive video content only available to mentorship members.

Tier three

The Tier 3 membership option will give you access to exclusive content that will be geared towards helping people get selected. It will include podcast episodes, long form discussions with Green Berets, and interviews with special operations forces to gain first-hand knowledge of different career fields. All things Special Forces will be covered in great detail with new videos every month.